Cannabis Friendly Las Vegas, nope. So recreational cannabis is legal in Nevada and everyone is going or planning a vacation to the sinful state to indulge and have a great time. Now this is one of the best times to go visit Nevada and enjoy the sights of the dessert and mountains, go and do some four wheeling, or hiking. Go to the river and boat, jet ski, paddle board or just lounge at the side of the pool Nevada is the warm sunny place we know.

Wow, lets not forget gambling, we all seem to have the bug and go drop a few bucks on the tables or slot machines when we are there. But, as we found out recently and others now are getting the clue to, there is a few new and old little known laws that could ruin your cannabis vacation.Cannabis Friendly Las Vegas

Nevada has a few laws that will damper your fun when your there so take heed to the next few tips.

#1 – You can not smoke in any vehicle. That means any vehicle, no limos, no buses, party buses, RV’s or any vehicle. It is considered the same as public consumption and you can get a $600.00 fine if you are caught. So this in essence kills the 420 friendly tours in Las Vegas and Reno. Now you still can take a tour, buy some weed, see the sights and a grow, but no consumption allowed. hopefully the tour companies have a home base they can make for a smoke out place.

#2 – You can not smoke or consume cannabis on casino property. This little know regulation is courtesy of the Nevada Gaming Commission and can have hefty consequences to the offending casinos. This is state wide so Reno, Laughlin Vegas, anywhere in Nevada all casinos follow this rule. Needless to say they won’t let you smoke and jeopardize the license of the hotel. So try to look for hotels without any gaming in them at all and have smoking rooms, not an easy task. We will try to do this for you and  have an updated list of those places for you soon.

#3 – You can not consume anywhere on the strip. This once again is a gaming law, and now city law that prohibits open display and consumption of cannabis on the strip or in public. As most casinos own the property on the strip (yes even the sidewalks) they will not allow cannabis consumption. You can carry a beer but no cannabis consumption.

So be sure to follow all of the rules while your there in Nevada, have fun, see the sights and enjoy the fine cannabis they have. Just don’t be stupid and get your vacation ruined by not knowing the laws there. Have a great day.

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