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We are here to try and help you through the uncertainty of marijuana in the world. We have tirelessly sought after accurate and complete information, and links to information for you to make an educated decision on what kind of marijuana vacation you might want to do. We have writers from around the world with real live cannabis experience and vacation knowledge of their surroundings to provide you with their insight into the local cannabis culture. This is a very fluid and ever changing landscape in the cannabis tourism industry and rules, regulations change at a moments notice. We will try to bring you all up to date factual information from our sources. We are not here to provide any illegal assistance or promote the illegal use or transport of drugs. This site is here for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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MVG donates to many charitable organizations and cannabis advocacy groups. Please help us, help the cannabis community around the world by donating to us to give out to our charities. Or be sure to donate to any worth while charity. We are one world and we need to support one another. Smoke a joint with someone and share the happiness.

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