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Thanks for creating a listing on MVG. We are here to make sure your listing stands out and looks great, all the while having a great SEO friendly listing. We have information and links below to other helpful information to help in your listing build. We also have our site specific banners, icons, pictures and short codes for you to use on building your listing. If you have questions feel free to contact us for help.


First of all pick your keyword your going for. Is it your company name? Or do you want to shoot for a specific search term like “420 Friendly” then that is your keyword to use throughout the listing. Make sure to use it once for every 30 words, spelled exactly like all the rest.

Example = “our 420 friendly place is the best” then later in listing ” you won’t find a better 420 friendly place…” be sure to make listing 300 words or more!!!

Hint – Always end listing with the keyword phrase. Example =  “Thanks for looking at our 420 friendly listing”


Pictures – Load in your own logo and pictures or you can use ours, just right click, and “save as”, then place it in the file you want. Then add to your page by dragging it from your browser download file. Be sure to give your picture’s “alt tag” area, the same name as the keyword your going for in SEO. Only one picture, no more then 200×200 is allowed on your “information” section for great SEO. Alt tag it too.

  • Ideal Banner Dimensions –  1500 x 300 to 320
  • Ideal Gallery Dimensions – under 1500 x 1500
  • Avatar picture is created by your WordPress.com account or your Gravitar.com account email address.



Using <h1> </h1> tags for visibility and great SEO – So when you making your listing it is a great idea to go into the “text” version of your listing by clicking the text button on top right of text placement area, and putting the key word your going for inside of this tag at the very top beginning of listing. Do this first and don’t be afraid of this “text” area of your tools as it can do many great things. Then click back on “visual’ to see the change. Higher the number next to h, the less important the heading is to SEO and a smaller size font.

Example = <h1> Keyword phrase </h1>  Note* Do this only once at top of listing for best effect.

Pictures and banners to use.

marijuana friendly accommodations

Recreational marijuana store

Marijuana tours

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