Marijuana Friendly Accommodations

We have all of the worlds “vetted’ cannabis friendly places to lay your head down, take a walk in the woods or sit on a porch. All of our listed places have a place for you to smoke marijuana on property. All of our listings must meet our criteria of being a real “MVG vetted” cannabis friendly lodging establishment. All listings must have a minimum of daily cleaned and serviced rooms, bathrooms, parking area close by and have a way to contact a representative to ask them questions. Also our marijuana friendly accommodations listed here are truly marijuana friendly as all must have a place on site for you to smoke marijuana.

Some listings have breakfast for you, some have car service, some let you smoke inside, so be sure to get all the things you need in your marijuana friendly accommodations.Marijuana Friendly Accommodations

Please be considerate to others, as some other non marijuana friendly guests may not like the smell so be discreet as possible when staying at our listed marijuana friendly accommodations.

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