Marijuana laws in Spain

Now when visiting here we have some of the marijuana laws in Spain and travel tips below for you.

The legal situation of cannabis in Spain is a little more complicated than in other countries.

  • It is illegal in Spain to traffic cannabis or to smoke it in public places and view.
  • It is legal in Spain to cultivate or smoke cannabis for your own personal use (as long as it is in the privacy of your own home).

Spain gives considerable protection laws to what people do in the privacy of their homes and private places.

“The Spanish law says that personal behavior in a private place, and this includes private land and outbuildings, is protected by the constitution,” “The controversial issues are that police are allowed to determine if what you are doing is personal or if it is meant for distribution, which is illegal, they are also allowed to put a fine on you if your cannabis activities or possession are outside of your private domain.”

Dealing with law enforcement.

Drug use and possession for personal use do not constitute a criminal offense under Spanish law. However, public consumption can and will be penalized with administrative fines and levies.

Public possession of less than two ounces of cannabis is not a criminal offense, although heavy administrative fines can be charged to you.

Possession of more than two ounces, growing for sale, or selling are considered criminal offenses, but prison terms are not as severe as those in other countries.

Visitors and locals strongly recommend people always smoke in their own private place or in a private cannabis club, do not take marijuana out of the places in order to avoid fines.


This is a short brief overview on marijuana laws in Spain . For detailed information go here.


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