Top 5 Upcoming Cannabis Businesses

So your looking into maybe investing in to a cannabis businesses and don’t know where to start. Well there are five of them we would like you to take a look at in no particular order.

Cannabis The Card Game

This games is played while your toking up on your favorite strain and want to quiz you buddies on a few funny things. This is one of the great weed games that any smoker can play. These smoking games are new to the market and could be a winning investment.

Now each of the players are recommended to draw 13 answer cards which the will answer themselves. Whoever took the last hit is the automatic “dealer”.

420 smoking games
Courtesy of Cannabis the Card Game

Now the “dealer” is in charge of the first round of questions and starts by picking 1 question card (green cards) and reading it out loud. The others will choose an answer from one of their 13 answer/white cards and put it face down on the table, passing it to the “dealer”. The “dealer” then mixes up all of the answer cards and shares each person’s answer by reading the original question card followed by each answer card, one by one. For the best effect, the “dealer” should read the question combined with each answer, instead of just reading the answers alone.

Now the person who has the answer card that is the funniest to the “dealer”, wins a toke! Before the next round, each person replaces their answer card with a new answer card from the deck. Everyone should always have 13 answer cards. The person to the left of the “dealer” now assumes the duty of “dealer” and picks a green question card and so on. You can put the used cards back into play OR you can put them aside. Who cares, you’re stoned!

So check out Cannabis the Card Game


Chiefton Supply Co.

cannabis clothing cannabis businesses
Chiefton Supply Co Logo

Now Chiefton is a cannabis clothing company, which means they specialize in cannabis art on clothing, marijuana related prints, and designer shirts and items inspired by cannabis. This company does have a great take on what the modern stoner wants to wear and look like, So the designers there are defiantly going in the right direction as they are growing very fast and are a great buy for any investor looking to expand his portfolio. The website says this about them in their description page.

“Unique and innovative graphic prints on comfortable garments is our passion. Our inspiration lies within the collective effort from the regulated cannabis industry to celebrate the culture as it truly exists. Our apparel allows both medical patients and recreational enthusiasts the opportunity to represent the industry in a progressive and professional manner. It is only through the continual support of our network and community of friends, that we are able to deliver the next generation of cannabis culture apparel.”

From what we have seen this is a company to buy your cool clothes from and possibly one of the cannabis businesses to invest some cool cash in.

So check out the great selection of clothing here at their website.

This is a great website / cannabis travel guide ( and our sister site) that can help you plan your next cannabis vacation in the U.S. There you can find 420 friendly lodging, cannabis tours, recreational marijuana stores, 420 friendly rentals cannabis travel guideand anything 420 friendly related.

You can list your business for free and they also have packages that they sell that will vault your listing to the top of the search engines like they have done for others before. With they do the work in making sure you get the search engine placement you need and the traffic that will turn a great ROI.

This site is based out of Colorado and is the first cannabis tourism and travel website in the world. This is a great one of our cannabis businesses.

So check out before you take your next vacation and as a very good investment opportunity too.


This cannabis businesses is a small but powerful asset to the online cannabis business or any marijuana related business that wants a great online presence. This company has helped many businesses with their search engine placements and havecannabis marketing succeed very well with a very low investment from the companies that use them. The small team of gurus there are experts in cannabis niche SEO.

They have helped companies such as Chiefton, Cannabis the Card Game, UsaWeed, SubCool Seeds, Leafbuyer, Cleanest Hits, Colorado Highlife Tours and Travel and others. They have help these companies by getting first page placement of their website on Google Bing, Yahoo and delivering the best in ROI you can have compared to pay per click ads.

They say they keep a small client base to deliver quality results, but have a huge base of websites and blogs they own and have partnerships with, to help get you to the top.

Go check out their site and see how affordable it is to get the web traffic you need, compared to conventional ways.

MaMa P’s Grinders

If your wanting only the best in quality and design in your cannabis grinder then Mama P has the best grinding system for you. This great and innovative company based out of Texas, has made a name for it self as the leader in design and craftsmanship. This is a truly ran family business as mom, dad and daughter have designed and sold products they all have made. They have some of the coolest in products that you need to see to believe, that will blow your mind. They have won the HT Cup best products of the year award 3 years in a row so they know what they are doing. So check out the video of the products they have below. –

cannabis grinders

So there you have it. This is just a brief list of cannabis businesses we thought you would like to check out.  We will be covering more in the future.

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