So what is dabbing? Why is it popular?

Dab rigs. Hey there readers, so today on Marijuana Vacation Guide we’re going to be talking dabbing 101. What is a dab rig? So people brand new to the world dabbing need a few tools to get started if you have no idea what dabbing is basically it is vaporizing a concentrate through a water pipe the purpose of it is is to get a concentrated dose of your medicine very quickly at a very rapid rate. This type of consumption is going to hit you very very hard, concentrates are on a level of their own. Very very strong very very potent it’s going to be great for someone that needs extreme pain relief very fast or someone that doesn’t have time to sit around and smoke. You can take one dab of a concentrate and it’s going to be roughly the equivalent of an entire joint so instead of sitting around and smoking like you usually would you can take one hit and be done with it.

Now before you begin you’re going to need a couple things to get started.  You’re going to want to get yourself a nice basic water pipe but they’re called rigs in the oil world. What I recommend is getting a water pipe for out eight to ten inches this is going to be the perfect size for a rig for you to use for your concentrates. One of the most important tools that you’re going to need when it comes to dabbing is finding a dabber, I personally like glass divers myself you can find them in a variety of different sizes and shapes and colors. You can get cheap dab rigs also that work well.

Some may have a marble on the end of it which also acts as a carb cap which we’ll talk about later in the article. So when you get into dabbing you’re going to have to select a nail, a nail is what you use to vaporize the concentrate inside the rig.  So you have a quartz banger attached to the rig and basically you put your concentrate inside of here and that’s how you smoke it.what is dabbing


There’s a couple different varieties that are out there, actually there’s a whole lot of variety that’s out there. When it comes to nails so you just have to find the one that’s most appropriate for you. So another tool that you might need is a carb cap if you’re looking at doing some low temp dabs or to get the most flavor out of your dabs you want to use a cap on top of your nail to cap it off. Some have a custom carb cap that’s made from glass and this fits right inside of the quarts dish here so it restricts the airflow and pressurize it.

So I get the most out of my smoke if you’re looking at getting into low temp diving a carb cap is definitely essential one of the next things you’re going to need is torch. So you can pick up a butane torch at any smoke shop you can even get them online you can get them as cheap as twenty twenty-five dollar.

Now if you don’t want to use torches there’s always another route that you can go, you can go to the route of getting yourself an electronic nail or what they call E-Nail.  You can find those online or ask about it in your local smoke shop usually they range in price from anywhere from $100.00 all the way up to $1,000 just depending on how nice little model you’re getting any accessories including in it.

So once you got your set up you got your rig ready you got your dapper and our carb cap and you also got your torch the next thing that you’re going to need obviously as you concentrate. There’s a variety of concentrates out there from shatters to crumbles to waxes to honey combs so check your nearest dispenser and find out what kind of concentrates that they offer.

I normally like to dab shatters myself as I find they’re the easiest concentrate to manage, so I’m going to be smoking on some LA OG concentrate from turf X today this is one of my personal favorites I love turf X throwing through so if you’re in the Las Vegas area it’s a definite recommendation.

So the first thing that you want to do is get your dab ready so you’re going to get your dabber you’re going to get your concentrate and you want to get a little bit of the concentrate off the parchment paper or out of the jar or however your concentrate is stored.

Now, it’s important when you’re dosing concentrates that you’re starting with just a little bit at a time the reason why they call it dabs is from the old saying a little dab will do you, so realistically all you need is about a half a grain of rice in size. Some people like to use a little bit more some people like to use a little bit less you have to find your sweet spot and your personal preference.

Now  from there you can kind of get where your tolerance is that first thing that you want to do is get your torch and heat up your nail until it’s glowing red-hot it’s very important that when you’re heating your heating from the bottom of the nail if you’re using one who’s been the concentrate is definitely going to settle on the bottom so you want that to be the hottest point.

Now you wait for it to cool down after about 30 to 45 seconds you’re about ready to dab if you’re looking to low temp dab you might want to wait a little bit longer than that depending on what kind of nail that you’re using I myself like the quartz banger style nails that are very thick there’s usually a three to four millimeter diameter on the wall here on the quartz banger so I like to wait around 45 seconds to a minute before I drop my concentrate in.

At that point I get to concentrate off the tip of the dabber and I throw my carb cap on you’ll see it get very thick and very white and that’s how you know you’ve even temperature just right so as always fire in the hole. Thanks for joining us. Have an elevated day!

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